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Before the Presses Stop



    Before the Presses Stop
    c/o WNYC
    The founder of Henington Press standing in an undated photo outside its doors.

    WYNC takes a look at the 96-year old Henington Press, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in a sad tribute to the closing of a printing press and marking the end of an era. This winter, the family business that's been operating since 1912 will be closing its doors forever -- a victim of the paperless times.

    The current owner, David Harris, is the grandson of Isidor Harris, who is forced with the blunt realization that it's time to close up shop. In an interview that just might make you cry your eyes out, he tells WYNC, "I love this press. It's like my wife, you know. Or child. I love it. It's attached to me."

    He goes on to explain, "It hurts but I gotta come to the realization that it's gotta come to an end." Jeremiah's Vanishing New York has a few shots of the press as it once was, as well as how it looks today.

    For the radio interview, visit WNYC or simply press play on the embedded radio player below. You can also view the short film, and see the press in action below that. It's heartbreaking that Mr. Harris is being left with no other options but to close these doors, but he does have one wish that perhaps we can help see through.

    If you or someone you know collects such relics of our industrial history, or would even possibly have a use for an old printing press, give Henington Press a call (Google Maps Info) and let David know that you can help history live on long after the presses stop.

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