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Yale Apologizes for "Killer Cover Letters" E-mail



    Yale Apologizes for "Killer Cover Letters" E-mail
    Yale University is in mourning, but classes and events go on. One, unfortunately, was called "Killer Cover Letters." A school official has apologized for an e-mail advertising it under that title.

    This was a bad time to hold any event at Yale with the word killer in the title and Yale officials are apologizing after an e-mail went out advertising a workshop called “Killer Cover Letters."

    That e-mail went out on Monday, the day the chief medical examiner's office identified the body found in a lab wall as Annie Le, a 24-year-old graduate student

    Philip Jones, assistant dean of Yale College, sent another e-mail to students later Monday apologizing.

    The workshop's title is common, he said, but using it was inappropriate after the recent events.

    Jones said the university never intended to cause more distress as the study body reels from losing a classmate.

    The school’s list of events no longer include an event by that name, although there are some cover letter workshops to help students “connect the dots” between the Yale experience and “that big opportunity.”