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NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills at Least 80

Coalition blasts two hijacked tankers



    NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills at Least 80
    Members of the U.S. forces 1st platoon, A Company 25 Infantry Division (Airborne) from Fort Richardson, Alaska, are illuminated by a red night light with a cloudy night sky above, as they prepare for their night patrol in Khowst province, east of Kabul, Afghanistan

    A NATO airstrike on two fuel tankers hijacked by Taliban militants in Afghanistan has killed at least 80 people, including 40 civilians, The Associated Press reported. 

    The trucks were seized as they were delivering fuel to NATO forces in the northern part of the country, Afghan officials said.

    Among the dead was a Taliban commander and several senior fighters, the governor of Kunduz province said. NATO confirmed the airstrike but gave no details on the hijacking or civilian deaths. Many of the civilians were siphoning fuel from the trucks, The New York Times reported.

    General Stanley McChrystal, the new commander of NATO and U.S. forces has said that he wants to put a stop to high civilian casualties.

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