Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes the Cutest Gorilla Baby You’ll See in Your Life

Despite a very difficult labor, mama Kira gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla at the zoo on Friday, thanks to an emergency medical procedure.

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Philadelphia Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo
The zoo says a keeper noticed 17-year-old Kira had gone into labor on Thursday. Gorilla labor is typically very quick, but by Friday, it had not progressed and she seemed unwell.
Philadelphia Zoo
Due to concerns about her and the baby's health, the zoo brought in a team of veterinarians and doctors who treat people. They included an ob-gyn, surgeons and anesthesiologists from hospitals affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University.
Philadelphia Zoo
After 1 ½ hours, the team delivered the male baby using forceps and an episiotomy.
Philadelphia Zoo
Kira was reunited with the baby by Saturday morning and has been continuously cradling and nursing him.
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