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Why Don't the Obamas Spend More Time at Camp David?

President apparently has better places to visit, things to do



    Why Don't the Obamas Spend More Time at Camp David?
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    No, get back in the chopper and return to Camp David! America needs this!

    For generations, America's presidents have escaped their terrible lives with weekends at Camp David, the luxurious McMansion retreat set "atop" central Maryland's tumbling Catoctin Mountains, overlooking the beautiful death fields of Antietam. George W. Bush, for example, spent most of his presidency there, or in Texas, and Jimmy Carter even used the location to negotiate a peace between Israel and Egypt, who had been fighting for some time.

    But it seems that the current president, Mr. Barack Obama, thinks he's too "good" for Camp David, just like he thinks he's too "good" for America. He has not visited this famous jungle cabin since May, and America deserves a president who goes to his vacation home more often than once every two months.

    The Baltimore Sun, which held an interview with Obama today along with "five other newspapers," pressed the Democrat hard about why he refuses to take more days off at "America's Vacation Home." Being the mean person that he is, Obama of course blamed it on his daughters and World War II.

    "You know, we had travel. I had to go to Normandy. And then the girls had, Sasha had her birthday party here, and she was flying folks in for a pool party. So, really, it revolves around the girls' social schedule.

    "If Michelle and I had our way," he said, "we'd go there every weekend."

    TMI, Mr. President. We don't need to hear about your love life, in the mountains.

    How much longer will America sit back and watch its president not go to Camp David, in Maryland?

    Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.