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Visas Pulled For Honduran Diplos

Move comes as U.S. presses for return of Zelaya



    Visas Pulled For Honduran Diplos
    Ousted Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya is trying to get back in power, and the Obama Administration is helping.

    The U.S. State Department says it has revoked the diplomatic visas for four Honduran officials working in its interim government.

    The announcement comes as the United States has been pressing for Honduras to allow the return of exiled President Manuel Zelaya.

    State Department spokesman Ian Kelly did not specify Tuesday the names of the four officials, who he said are not in the United States. Kelly said that the department is reviewing the visas of all members of the interim government.

    He said the revocations was in keeping with the U.S. policy of not recognizing the interim government.

    Zelaya was ousted by the military after trying to hold a referendum that would allow him to remain in power. The referendum had been ruled unconstitutional by Honduras' high court.