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ShamWow Guy Slammed in Head-On Accident

Vince Shlomi can't catch a break when he comes to Miami



    ShamWow Guy Slammed in Head-On Accident
    Hey Shlomi, stay out of Miami Beach.

    Vince Shlomi recently saw the light when he said he was done with hiring prostitutes.

    Shlomi Slap Chop

    Now the pitchman is seeing stars after a head-on collision last night on the Venetian Causeway, according to Random Pixels.

    The blog reported that Shlomi, 45, was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital with injuries from the crash and Miami Beach police officers confirmed Shlomi was involved in an accident. Some people can't catch a break no matter how hard they try.

    Shlomi has been carrying an unlucky charm ever since his blood bath brawl with a prostitute in a room at the Setai Hotel on South Beach in February. He escaped that incident with some bruises and a barely in tact tongue. He still faces battery charges for the fight, which landed the prostitute to the hospital.

    Who knows what scars he'll be left with after this accident. Hospital officials said Shlomi was released Friday.

    Let's hope it doesn't derail Shlomi's lucrative ShamWow pitch gig (and don't forget the Slap Chop) or his chances with the ladies.

    We've got a pitch for Shlomi: Stay away from Miami Beach!