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Savage Subway Hammer Attack Caught on Surveillance Camera

A Philadelphia man uses a small boy as a decoy before brutally attacking passenger with a hammer on train.



    This ain't brotherly love.

    A man savagely and randomly attacked a sleeping passenger on a Philadelphia subway, all while a small boy appearing to be his son looked on, shocking video released by police today shows.

     The alarming attack, which lasted five minutes as at least 10 other passengers watched, took place just after midnight on Thursday, police said.

     The brute seemed to use the boy as a decoy. The video starts with the perp talking to the small 3- to 5- year-old child, calmly directing the tot to sit down, then reaching into a book bag on the floor.

     He pulls out a long hammer than goes to work on the victim.

     "I'm baffled," Detective Kenneth Roach told The Philadelphia Daily News. "He had no reason to do that. It was unprovoked. The victim was just going home from work, minding his own business, listening to his iPod."

     The victim was able to take the subway to Temple University Hospital, where he was treated for several wounds and released. The assailant is still at large.