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No One Wants Saddam's Art

Rendition of Hussein with a sword, slaying dragons somehow not selling



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    Artwork belonging to Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein had no buyers in Connecticut.

    How much would you pay for a painting once owned by Saddam Hussein? The answer was nothing for tag sale shoppers in North Haven over the weekend.

    Robert Nappe put 10 of the former Iraqi dictator's pieces of art up for sale in his garage Saturday and Sunday.

    Where did he get a hold of them you might ask? Nappe is the East Haven police officer who took a year off in 2004 to train Iraqi police officers. He bought them from guards who sold the artwork for $20 to $30 each, the New Haven Register reports.

    The paintings were done by Iraqis and presented to Hussein as gifts. They include a portrait of a smiling Hussein alongside his half-brother,  a depiction of Hussein cupping "the heart of God," an image of Hussein in robes that seems Jesus-like and a rendition of Hussein with a sword, slaying dragons - one with an American flag and one with a flag of England, the paper reports.

    Nappe was charging between $400 and $600 for the paintings, but the bad news for Nappe is that nobody seems interested in the artwork. He didn't receive a single offer on any of the paintings. 

    "Maybe in a gallery in New York they're worth thousands," Nappe told The Register.  "I have no idea. ... I would hope some day an Arab art gallery will pick them up and sell them for thousands."