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Rockefeller Prints Linked to Murder Suspect



    Rockefeller Prints Linked to Murder Suspect
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    BOSTON - UNDATED: In this booking photo released by the Boston Police August 5, 2008, Clark Rockefeller is seen. Rockefeller was arrested for allegedly kidnapping his seven-year-old daughter Reigh Storrow Boss. He was captured in Maryland Baltimore, Maryland and was arraigned in Boston for to felony parental kidnapping, assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. (Photo by Boston Police via Getty Images)

    The fake Rockefeller - "Clark Rockefeller" - is now officially not who he says he is.  The conman father who abducted his young daughter and went on the lam for 12 days is really a German immigrant who is a person of interest in a 1985 murder trial, FBI forensic evidence confirmed today.

    A fingerprint Rockefeller left on a wine glass in July was matched to a print on immigration papers registered to a man named Christian Gerhartsreiter -- a German immigrant who was linked to the 1985 disappearance of a couple from San Marino. Police in Los Angeles determined that Gerhartsreiter was Rockefeller's real identity through a series interviews conducted last week. This, however, is the first forensic evidence.