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Gov. Considers Banning Fetal Family Photos



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    State law might prohibit taking these for fun and to peek in on the little one.

    Gov. M. Jodi Rell is considering a proposed law that would ban the production of fetal “keepsake” photos and videos.

    If signed, the bill would ban ultrasounds unless they are approved by a doctor for medical or diagnostic purposes.

    Laboratory studies have shown that when ultrasonic devices are used in excess, there is a potential risk of physical effects in tissue, such as mechanical vibrations and rise in temperature.

    Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came under fire in 2005 when the American College of Radiology released a statement saying that they were not only subjecting their unborn child to potential harm, but also that the use of the medical equipment by unlicensed individuals might also be a violation of federal law.

    In response to Cruise’s 2005 purchase, Carol M. Rumack, MD, chair of the ACR Ultrasound Commission issued a statement saying: "This is a patient safety issue.

    Untrained people, even if they have the financial means, should not buy, or be allowed to buy and operate, ultrasound machines which are, in fact, medical devices and should not be used without a medical indication.”

    Rell has until Thursday to decide if she will sign the bill that passed through the state's General Assembly.