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Politi-quotes: The Week in One-Liners



    Politi-quotes: The Week in One-Liners
    Vice President Joseph Biden typically makes news when he opens his mouth. And he's landed on this week's list of top quotes.

    The week's top ten quotes: 

    • "There will be no accompanying hand shake." - The ground rules at the University of New Mexico's graduation, where Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will deliver the commencement address. Hand sanitizer will also be available. (Source: Albuquerque Journal)
    • "Well, they ain't seen anybody as bad-ass as you guys." - VP Joe Biden to Navy personnel aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.
    • "Let me give you a disclaimer up front, which is it won't be as good as the first round of tea parties." - South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, tamping down expectations for Tea Party 2.0.
    • "As you look into the mirror tonight after the partying is done ..." - President Barack Obama, addressing graduating students at Arizona State University.
    • "But I want to protect not only the pastries but also the posterity of America and the world." - Chuck Norris, in his latest column.
    • "Instead, I drew Andy Warhol's 'fifteen minutes of fame' when my cell phone with its ringtone of Merengue music went off during the briefing." - Human Events' Joe Gizzi, explaining in his column about the trouble he got in this week when his phone rang during a White House press briefing.
    • "The Jonas Brothers! Oh, they have a book? My girls love the Jonas Brothers, but I don't think that they know that there's a book out about them, and I'm not going to tell them." - First Lady Michelle Obama at Ferebee-Hope Elementary School.
    • "Sarah Palin - now, don't laugh - is writing a book. Not just reading a book, writing a book." - MSNBC's Chris Matthews.
    • "And thanks to all of you for cheering a visitor. I didn't realize that was permitted in Yankee Stadium." - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, addressing graduating New York University students at Yankee Stadium.
    • "Dream Big. Work Hard. Learn Every Day. Enjoy Life. Be True to Yourself." - From the new book, "5 Principles for a Successful Life: From Our Family to Yours," co-authored by Newt Gingrich and his daughter, Jackie.