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Palin Got $30K More in Clothes



    Palin Got $30K More in Clothes
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    The RNC initially spent more than $150,000 -- including $49,425.74 at Saks Fifth Ave. and $75,062. 63 tab at Neiman Marcus -- to clothe Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, according to financial disclosure records.

    The Republican National Committee will report Thursday that it spent about another $30,000 on clothes and accessories for Sarah Palin during her vice presidential bid, a GOP source tells Politico.

    Palin took a major public relations hit when Politico revealed that the RNC in September shelled out $150,000 for clothes and accessories from high-end retailers for the Alaska governor, who built her political persona around a folksy, regular-gal demeanor.

    The additional spending will be detailed on the committee's post-general election report, which is due to be filed with the Federal Election Commission before midnight.

    The filing will show less than $30,000 worth of "accessories" purchased before the general election for Palin and her family in coordination with the McCain-Palin campaign, according to the source, who said any clothes in the committee's possession will be given to charity.