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Obamas Keeping Weekends, Romance Alive



    Obamas Keeping Weekends, Romance Alive
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    President Barack Obama's not too busy to keep the fire burning for the first lady.

    WASHINGTON -- The first family will take its first trip to presidential retreat Camp David Saturday, but not before the first couple keeps date night alive.

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle planned to attend an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance Friday night at The Kennedy Center, the Associated Press reported. The show is sold out, but the Obamas and friends have that president's box to use. To the victors go the spoils.

    Then Saturday, the family will head to Camp David for a night before returning to D.C. Sunday.

    The following weekend, the president will make his first trip to Chicago since he took office, the Associated Press reported. He and the first lady are planning to spend Valentine's Day weekend in their hometown. They are expected to go out for a Valentine's Day celebration on Feb. 14.

    Nice to see all this unemployment news and economic stimulus bickering isn't interfering with the president's weekend plans. His job is secure (for about four years, at least) and he'll need to be rested to right the economy.