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Obama's Computer Chief Once Stole Dress Shirts

Kundra was 21 at time of theft



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    Vivek, the slogan was "For a man to wear and a *woman* to borrow."

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    Now it can be told: The mysterious petty theft that President Barack Obama's new computer chief committed at age 21 was shoplifting four dress shirts worth $134 from JCPenney.

    A 1996 Montgomery County, Md., police report obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday under a public records law shows Vivek Kundra was observed by a security guard putting the men's shirts into a shopping bag and leaving the store without paying.

    Sgt. Tom Stanton wrote that Kundra was arrested after a brief foot chase and the property was recovered.

    Kundra pleaded guilty, paid a $100 fine and $55 in court costs and was ordered to do 80 hours of community service. The White House has called it a "youthful indiscretion" long ago resolved.