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Obama Decides On His Veep Choice

Barack Obama has picked a running mate, but won't say who



    Obama Decides On His Veep Choice
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    Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama says he's made his choice for runing mate, but isn't ready to name names.

    Since he came back from his vacation in Hawaii, it's the question that has dogged Barack Obama: "Who will be your running mate this fall?"

    In an interview to be published Thursday night in USA Today, Obama indicated that he had chosen his man -- or woman.

    "Even though you haven't announced it, have you in your own mind made a decision?," asked Kathy Kiely.

    "Yes," replied the Democratic presidential hopeful.

    "You have. OK. And when are you going to tell the lucky individual?" came the follow-up question.

    "Aaaahhh ... that's all I'm gonna comment on," said Obama

    The names that have surfaced most often during the speculation about Obama's running mate are Sen Joe Biden of Maryland, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelious and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

    Of course, the specter of Sen. Hillary Clinton will loom over the entire process until at least Jan. 20, when the next president is inaugurated -- and possibly beyond.