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Obama Challenges D-Wade to Some 1-on-1

The President wants a piece of Miami's favorite dad



    Obama Challenges D-Wade to Some 1-on-1
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    Rumor has it Obama's lock-down defense and home court advantage will give D-Wade all types of fits when they meet on the blacktop.

    Before Dwyane Wade sets foot on the basketball court at the White House, he might want to check and make sure that posterizing the president is not a federal offense.

    If not, then it is sure to be on. President Barack Obama has asked the Miami Heat superstar to come to the White House to participate in a Father's Day celebration this weekend, but we all know the real reason Obama is trying to get at Wade.

    He wants to prove once and for all who is the baddest man out of Chicago with a basketball in his hands (Jordan doesn't count because he isn't a Chi-town native). The two have actually never met before, but will for the first time on Friday.

    "I would just love to play with him, and have that conversation on the court that you have, and just see how he is," Wade told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

    Obama selected Wade to help out with the male mentoring event despite the NBA All-Star's recent marital problems and allegations that he is far from Super Dad. In court papers, Wade's wife, Siovaughn, accuses him of all sorts of nefarious things, including not spending time with his kids and being an adulterer. Wade was named Father of the Year in 2007 by the National Father's Day Committee.

    We doubt any of those points will be brought up during the celebration weekend or on the b-ball court Obama had erected at the White House (unless Obama does some serious trash-talking).

    For Wade's part, he said he won't need to talk any smack to the Commander and Chief, but not because he is afraid Secret Service agents will be waiting for him in the showers. Wade still plans to dominate the President on his home court.

    "I would totally win, hands down. There's no need for me to trash-talk. It wouldn't be fair," Wade said. "It would be like him trash-talking to me in a debate. He would totally kill me in a debate, so why would he trash-talk to me. Just murder me with silence."