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Enhanced Interrogation Outs Nick and Miley as an Item

CNN interviewer gets kid to fall into an old trap



    Enhanced Interrogation Outs Nick and Miley as an Item
    Larry King seems to have confirmed rumors of a romance between Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas.

    Crafty ol' Larry King might just have tricked one Jonas brother into admitting his sibling is dating Miley Cyrus, and he didn't need a waterboard to do it.

    In a CNN interview, King appears to have confirmed rumors about Nick Jonas and the Hannah Montana star, climbing over a dumbstruck Joe Jonas to get to the heart of the matter. First, King got all three boys to admit that, yes, they not only like girls, they date them, too! The young pop stars tried to be coy and avoid the legendary, suspender-wearing griller's traps, but poor Joe walked right into one.

    Joe Jonas spills the beans on Nick and Miley

    "Joe, do you have a girlfriend?" King asked.

    The boys fidgeted, doubtlessly aware that handlers have told them any tangible, personal connection to a female could spawn wailing and gnashing of teeth from heartbroken junior high school girls everywhere.

    "Yes I do," Joe piped up as his brothers trembled. "Well, we date, and we've always said we have, and....."

    Then sprang King's treacherous trap. "Is she as famous as his?" King asked, nodding innocently at Nick, who morphed into a deer caught in the headlights.

    "Uh, I don't think anybody's as famous as Miley Cyrus," Joe answered. Realizing what he'd let slip, the poor kid tried to defer King's unnecessary attempt to clarify the revelation to older brother Kevin.

    "For all of us, um, we've always dated, and I think we've always, um tried to keep, um, kind of private --" he said.

    At which point King wholeheartedly agreed that the lads are entitled to their private lives and politely moved on to discussing the Jonas Brothers' new album.