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Wedding Bells, Gunshots at Tom and Gisele's Nuptials

Two paparazzi claim Gisele's bodyguard's fired at them



    Wedding Bells, Gunshots at Tom and Gisele's Nuptials
    Tom and Gisele tied the knot one more time, Saturday, this time in Costa Rica.

    Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady got hitched for the second time this weekend, but the super couple's nuptials could have led to a pair of funerals, according to two paparazzi who said the couple's bodyguards fired gunshots at them.

    "I thought I was going to die," photographer Rolando Aviles, from the Spanish language newspaper Al Dia told The New York Post. "The bullet went between us, missing our heads. If the bullet had been a little more to the left or right, it would have killed one of us."

    No one was reported hurt in the incident, which allegedly capped three days of celebration leading up to a sunset ceremony at Bundchen's estate in Costa Rica.

    The wedding party was seemingly unware of the alleged gunplay. All seemed “very happy, like they were having a great time,” one onlooker told People magazine. The 28-year-old Bundchen wore a long designer dress, a 10-foot veil, and carried a bouquet of white orchids. She “looked so gorgeous,” a source told People. “She looked beautiful.”

    The 31-year-old Brady wore a gray suit and white pants and held his toddler son, Jack, as about 25 to 50 guests, including New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, celebrated the beautiful couple's second set of nuptials. Earlier that, Brady held a brunch for the male guests while the Brazilian bombshell and her female guests got ready at a nearby hotel.

    But for all the glamour, the ceremony could be described as a "shotgun wedding" if the harrrowing account provided by two lensmen is true.

    Along with Aviles, Yuri Cortez, a photographer for the French news agency Agence France-Presse also said that a bodyguard for Bundchen shot at his car with a .38- caliber handgun after he refused to give up his camera. The two lensmen were caught by Bundchen's henchmen after using a long lens to get some pictures from the bushes.  When the photographers refused to turn over their film, the guards fired at them as they ran back to their jeep, according to the Boston Globe.

    "As they started the engine, a live round pierced the back windshield...and hit the front windshield directly between the two mens' heads," according to a post on the paparazzi agency's blog.

    Gisele reportedly has an exclusive photo deal with a Brazilian magazine to shoot the second round of nuptials and the paparazzi were not welcome at the wedding.