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Top Chef Judge Sued

Waitstaff claim restaurant managers were stealing their tips.



    Top Chef Judge Sued
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    Tom Colicchio is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that he treated his restaurant employees poorly.

    "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio doesn't share the abusive personality that Gordon Ramsay plays on "Hell's Kitchen." According to a lawsuit filed in federal court, however, waitstaff at his restaurants are suing him for stiffing them on their tips.

    A former employee of Colicchio's filed a suit against the restaurateur in federal court on Friday for allegedly not paying some of his restaurant workers minimum wages, overtime and tips from customers. Colicchio owns and operates a chain of restaurants named Craft.

    Colicchio told the New York Times that "It’s a baseless lawsuit. We’re confident that a thorough investigation in the courts will find that Craftbar and Craft Worldwide Holdings have conducted themselves with the highest integrity and concern for the well-being of their employees.”Mr. Colicchio said that his company’s restaurants “pay overtime to all tipped and nontipped employees according to federal and state labor law.”