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Levi "Baby Daddy" Johnston Goes To Hollywood

After almost becoming Sarah Palin's son-in-law, he aims for TV fame



    Levi "Baby Daddy" Johnston Goes To Hollywood
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    Levi Johnston is trying to go from Alaska to Hollywood, with the help of a handler.

    You may know Levi Johnston as Mr. Sex on Skates, Bristol Palin's baby daddy or the MySpace redneck, but Levi Johnston hopes the next time you see him it's on television.

    Johnston's manager, Tank Jones, is trying get the flannel-shirt wearing teen Hollywood ready, according to The Daily Beast.

    Freed from the prospect of marriage into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's family, Johnston's considering his own career path.  And now that he's a daddy, pulling in cash is high priority, which is why he's considering acting, reality shows and anything else he can get.  And Jones, his stylish and hulking handler, is guiding him there.

    Tank, who works in an Anchorage law office, tries to push Johnston from his fashion comfort-zone.

    “Levi has his own style, and it works for him,” Jones told The Daily Beast. “But, if he’s going to go into the entertainment field, he has to be versatile. That’s one of the things I want him to start seeing—feeling those colors, and feeling those textures. That’s a lot for him, especially when you’re used to doing something a certain way.”

    He's also tried to make Johnston more comfortable with his new identity by offering him an alter ego to put on when it's time to go celebrity -- Ricky Hollywood.

    Johnston hasn't fully made the transition to Ricky Hollywood, though Tank's trying his best to break his old ways and open his mind in a way that transcends fashion. When Johnston appeared on the Tyra Banks show, he had an experience with a male make-up artist and hair stylist that Tank used as teachable moment.

    “I had some dude singing to me, the whole time," Johnston complained. "He was real happy. Calling me ‘baby’ and all that. I kept my mouth shut.”

    Tank jumped in with his advice.  “Don’t overreact. Nobody’s going to hurt you. You gotta be accepting of all different types of people. You’re talking about dealing with Hollywood? You’re going to really meet some strange people.”

    Still, he's worried folks back in Wasilla may give the new Levi an icy reception.

    "My boys are gonna be so mad at me when they see me in this stuff,” Levi said after a shopping spree with Tank.