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Prez's Book Pick Gets "Obama Bump"



    Prez's Book Pick Gets "Obama Bump"
    The president's bedside reading has gotten the "Obama Bump."

    Looks like the "Oprah Bump" has some competition.

    Sales of "Netherland," the post-9/11 novel President Barack Obama said last week he's currently reading, have skyrocketed -- prompting the book's publishers to push up its paperback release date and order thousands of additional copies.

    Vintage/Anchor Books, which published the Joseph O'Neill novel about modern life after Sept. 11th, will release the book in paperback form May 7 instead of its scheduled June 2 date to capitalize on surging book sales.

    The first paperback printing of the book will be 70,000 copies.

    The commander in chief told the New York Times magazine that his latest bedside reading is "Netherland," which helps him relax after a day of briefings.

    Author O'Neill said in an interview with he was "very honored" by Obama's endorsement of the novel, which follows a Dutch financial analyst through his trials and tribulations in New York City.

    The "Obama bump" also struck last month -- a book on Latin American history quickly rocketed up the Amazon best-selling charts after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave the President a copy during a meeting.