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Obama's Inauguration Gets a Test Run



    Obama's Inauguration Gets a Test Run
    The West Front of the Capitol during an early morning rehearsal for President-elect Barack Obama's Inauguration Ceremony in Washington on Sunday.

    WASHINGTON – It was just a rehearsal for the real thing.

    A band played "Hail to the Chief" at the west front of the Capitol in Washington and a swearing-in ceremony was followed by a helicopter flight — all part of a dry run for the presidential inauguration set for Jan. 20.

    Stand-ins for President-elect Barack Obama and others took their places Sunday, and thousands marched along the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    When the president-elect's name was announced, it was "Barack H. Obama" — not Barack Hussein Obama. During the campaign, Obama's middle name — common in the Middle East — was at times used as a negative by people opposed to his election.

    An inaugural official referred questions about Obama's name to top organizers.