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Drafted: Obama Speech to Stress Responsibility



    Under the Tucson Sun
    President-elect Barack Obama, right, speaks as Vice President-elect Joe Biden, second from right, and Michelle Obama listen at War Memorial Plaza in Baltimore Saturday.

    WASHINGTON – A top aide says Barack Obama's inauguration address will call on Americans to embrace a new era of responsible behavior — in government and in business.

    Rahm Emanuel, Obama's choice for chief of staff, says Obama's speech Tuesday will ask the nation to reject the "culture of anything goes."

    Emanuel says Obama will ask Americans to restore a national value system that honors responsibility and accountability. It harkens back to John F. Kennedy's call for personal sacrifice in his 1960 inauguration address.

    Press secretary Robert Gibbs says the president-elect wrote out the bulk of the speech as it is now.

    Emanuel appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Gibbs appeared on "Fox News Sunday."