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Meghan McCain: "I Support the President"



    Meghan McCain: "I Support the President"
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    Meghan McCain dives into the media machine again, saying she fully supports President Barack Obama.

    Media darling Meghan McCain spoke out again on Larry King Live Monday night, saying that she is a social "liberal" who will stand behind President Barack Obama.

    "He's our president and when the election was over and when President Obama won, all negative feelings were gone," the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)told the talk-show host.

    "I support the president," she said.

    The tech-savvy McCain, who hosts her own blog and regularly writes for the Daily Beast, said she leans to the left when it comes to social policies but is fiscally a Republican like her dad.

    "I consider myself a progressive Republican. I am liberal on social issues," McCain said.

    She also shared her controversial and profoundly anti-Conservative beliefs on issues like gay marriage, which she spoke out in support of.

    "I believe in gay marriage," she said.

    On abortion, McCain said it wasn't her "place to judge other people and what they do with their body.

    "I personally am pro-life, but I'm not going to judge someone that's pro-choice," the emerging pundit said.

    She first spoke out publicly against Obama's economic policies on MSNBC in mid-March. On Monday she defended Obama's handling of the nations' finances, calling it "ridiculous" that some critics say Obama isn't taking the recession seriously.

    McCain has gotten media flack lately for public feuds with Republican pundit Ann Coulter and radio host Laura Ingraham, who recently poked fun at McCain's weight.

    She also has attempted to brand herself as the face of the Republican Party's younger generation, criticizing the GOP's lack of tech understanding and Web integration during campaigns.