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Megan Fox Feels "So Sad" for Snubbed Fan

Offers to send a personal apology



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    Whatever it Megan Fox did to you, just accept her apology.

    Megan Fox was in London last week for the Premiere of "Transformers 2" and, as is her custom, drew a large crowd of snap-happy photogs and tongue-wagging fanboys. But one fan in particular walked away a little sadder than the rest.

    During a mad dash down the red carpet, a paparazzo, a rose-bearing teen and the sex goddess aligned to create a tableau poignantly depicting the unrequited love known to millions. As Fox was being whisked away by security, a young boy lunged forth, desperate for her attention, holding out a white rose. But in a picture that soon became a sensation, an oblivious Fox seems oblivious.

    Fox was asked about the apparent snub during an interview with Collider this week, and expressed grave regret for the blow-off and offered the boy a heartfelt apology.

    "I'm sorry, sweet boy. I would never do that to you and I would gladly accept your rose if I see you again," said Fox an impassioned plea for forgiveness made directly to the camera:

    Listen, kid. Don't blow this chance to somehow parlay this into a little face-time with Ms. Fox. Nothing will come of it, but it will do wonders for your street cred.