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HOA Repents, Cancer Survivor Can Keep Cross

Homeowners association wanted religious symbol on house taken down



    HOA Repents, Cancer Survivor Can Keep Cross

    Cancer survivor Taylor Bushing can keep her cross.

    The homeowner's association that made a stink about the religious symbol has repented -- kind of -- and will bend its rules on the large cross which sits atop Bushing's house.

    At 14.5 inches, the cross is 2.5 inches larger than the Pembroke Falls neighborhood association allows. So the sticklers on the board said take it down. Now, according to the Sun-Sentinel, the HOA got religion, so to speak.

    "It's stupid...they should just let us have it up there," said 12-year-old Bushing, who believes the cross is the reason she has survived her battle with cancer. "Because, like, after my surgeries, we bought it. It just, just seems like God's watching over us."

    Taylor's parents put the cross up three years ago as the youngster was battling earbone cancer. Once the cross went up, the family believes the cancer stopped spreading.

    "We just want them to realize it's very personable to us," said Bushing's mom, Lori. "I mean they are very nice, it's just the board members need to realize how important it is to us."

    The Bushings recently received a letter from the association, demanding "immediate action" to remove the cross. But a quick scan of the neighborhood found several other banned items on the walls and lawns of other neighborhood homes.

    "It's our religious right and we feel like it's our freedom to have our religious emblem up there," said Lori Bushing. "This is should be minor. And there are so many more things to worry about. People losing their homes, nevermind a cross on a home."