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How to Fake You're Smart



    How to Fake You're Smart
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    Quick links to important stories that will make you appear well informed.

  • Freddie MacCEO Richard F. Syron was reportedly warned several years ago that the mortgage lender was taking on low-quality mortgages that posed an enormous financial hazard.

  • Consumer spending declined in June as U.S. residents got thrifty in the face of inflation and rising prices.

  • Wildlife researchers have stumbled upon a previously unknown population of lowland gorillas in the Republic of Congo that doubles the planet's estimated population of the primates.

  • Scientists at NASA now believe that the high salt content of Martian soil makes the presence of life on the red planet unlikely.

  • How much gas can one save by keeping a car's tires properly inflated, as suggested by Presidential candidate Barack Obama?

    American cities are becoming suburbanized as gentrification, rising costs, and lower crime rates are luring affluent families back to city living.