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Enchanting Re-Enactment of the "Meanest Person in DC"



    Enchanting Re-Enactment of the "Meanest Person in DC"
    No, this isn't the REAL Elizabeth Becton. We assume she's on a plane to Guam right now, and will hide there until this all blows over.

    WHO. IS. LIZ?!

    In case you've spent the past day trapped under a fallen tower of newspapers, catch up here: An assistant trying to schedule a meeting with Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) ran into trouble (crazy, insane, screaming trouble) when s/he accidentally addressed scheduler Elizabeth Becton as "Liz." This launched a series of 19 increasingly bizarre e-mails of our buddy Liz demanding to know WHO TOLD THIS PERSON TO CALL HER LIZ, with the assistant apologizing in every single one of the responses, all to no avail.

    In the meantime, Wonkette's calling Lizzie-Bo-Bizzie "the meanest person in DC," having also discovered more nasty Beckton e-mails in its archives. At least one Facebook group has popped up in reference and/or reverence to Besty/Bitsy/Bethy/whatever. Look, sex scandals are so last season. How many more affairs can Congressmen have at this rate? But this e-mail scandal just keeps on giving.

    Case in point: Keith Olbermann choreographed a re-enactment on his show: