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Drowning Out the Political Competition

One Congressional candidate gets into deep water, literally



    Drowning Out the Political Competition
    Wheelan for Congress
    Charlie Wheelan, an economics professor, is getting his feet wet in politics and vying for Rahm Emanuel's empty Congressional seat.

    Politicians aren't usually too creative when it comes to their campaign ads. We're all familiar with the 30-second TV ads featuring a smiling politician shaking hands and walking with friendly neighborhood residents in slow motion.

    Competing against 14 other candidates for Rahm Emanuel's Congressional seat, Charlie Wheelan decided to think outside the box and under the water.

    Wheelan for Congress

    The economics professor discusses the country's economic problems in his first campaign ad, completely submerged in water.

    "Underwater. That's where a lot of us are financially thanks to the Bush administration and greed on Wall Street," Wheelan says, as air bubbles escape from his mouth.

    The commercial will air alongside other creative ads during Super Bowl programming this Sunday.

    I'm sure Wheelan is hoping voters won't think he is too "wet behind the ears" for the job.

    Matt Bartosik, former blogger of The Chicago Traveler and editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, can talk politics but can't swim.