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Broken Elbow Might Oblige Clinton to Step Aside

America's top diplomat may be unable to shake hands for a while



    Broken Elbow Might Oblige Clinton to Step Aside
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    In happier times, Secretary Clinton could greet international leaders with ease. Are those days gone forever?

    Yet another Obama associate has suffered grave physical injury, bringing the total to two (2) and leaving citizens to again wonder: Can a person serve in a very visible public role if they are unable to perform the simplest of tasks, such as getting from one place to another in one piece?

    It was bad enough when Sonia Sotomayor ruined her ankle at the airport and basically disqualified herself from the Supreme Court by virtue of being such a klutz. But when Secretary of State Hillary Clintonfractured her elbow at the State Department, a nation mourned.

    What is the job of America's top diplomat, in the very simplest of terms? It is to schmooze and shake hands with people. Secretary Clinton cannot shake hands a whole lot if she has fractured her right elbow.

    What kind of horrors might this spell for our image abroad?

    Clinton has several foreign trips planned in the coming weeks and Mills said decisions about the top U.S. diplomat's travel plans would be made in the coming days.
    She is set to go to Trieste, Italy, next week for a meeting of Group of Eight foreign ministers and attend a conference on Afghanistan to which Iran has been invited.
    On the same trip, Clinton is due to go to Corfu, Greece, for a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on June 27-28.

    Secretary Clinton must do the honorable thing and step aside, lest we touch off international confrontations with the G8, Afghanistan, Iran, and Greece.

    International body language expert Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.