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Daniels to GOP: Quit "Whining"



    Daniels to GOP: Quit "Whining"
    Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels had some choice words for "whining" Republicans.

    Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-Ind.) is urging Republican leaders in Washington to stop “whining” in order to mount a serious opposition to President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats.

    “I hear Republicans whining about, you know, the Democrats not being bipartisan. You know, ‘We weren't included in this, we weren't at the table in that.’ Well, get over it, that's the way those folks are,” Daniels said in an interview that ran Saturday in the National Journal. “To me there's not a lot of upside in whining.”

    Daniels said Republican leaders have behaved “erratically” since the beginning of the Obama administration, frequently offering “process arguments” rather than competing policy prescriptions.

    “What they should say instead is, ‘Well, here's the way we would spread health insurance and not ration care and not take away your freedom in the process. If they'd let us in the room, this is what we'd suggest,’” Daniels said.

    The two-term Indiana governor urged Republicans to come up with a “better idea” in policy fights with the White House because “the public needs to see you care and that you've thought about it and you've got a constructive suggestion.”

    “Go to work on alternative ideas that maybe one day we'll get the chance to try,” he said.