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Counter Intelligence: Everything-Proof Materials, Barbies and Speed Traps

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    • The financial crisis in Dubai is viewed as a boon to many Emirati natives who feel that tourism and development projects halted by the economic downturn will give locals an opportunity for a cultural renaissance where they can reassert their lifestyle.
    • Flashing headlights to oncoming drivers to alert them of a speed trap could become a thing of the past. A new dashboard gadget allows drivers to tip off others on the road to speed traps within three seconds.
    • Barbies and Beirut apparently do not mix. An art gallery in Lebanon was forced to take down high-profile photographs of numerous political and religious figures and iconography depicted next to Barbie dolls.
    • Michelle Obama is an Ivy League-educated lawyer and an accomplished professional -- so why does the media insist on focusing only on her mothering skills and fashion sense?
    • Could the Drudge Report be over? Highly unlikely. The press lauded the merits of the site in this summer and by fall were slamming it -- but the site has had this kind of love-hate relationship with the media in the past.  
    • A user is suing the company for misleading him to think that his former classmates were looking for him.
    • Could you make materials everything-proof? Researchers have come up with a surface that would not only repel water but also oil-based liquids and alcohols.