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    A rocky economy has deep-sixed the price and demand for lobster.

    • Fisherman have been hauling in more lobster than ever this summer -- but no one's taking the bait. Paltry demand has deep-sixed the price of lobster -- which, at $3.75 per crustacean, is down $1 from last summer.
    • As news spread that Hurricane Gustav spared major oil operations in the Gulf, crude oil futures fell below $110 a barrel.
    • A group of scientists hell-bent on excavating mammoth DNA as well as other genetic clues to ancient plant and bacteria life are using gas-powered drills to dig for genetic clues in the Klondike.
    • Victims of food poisoning, beware. An increasing number of those suffering from food-related malaise are now being linked to  long-term, chronic illnesses.
    • Measured by price per square foot, The Times of London compiled a list of the top-10 richest streets in the world.