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    Hey Dummy! Read this and you'll look smart. You don't have to be smart to impress people -- you just have to fake it. Here's a daily list of must-read articles that will impress your co-workers, wow your friends and make you seem smart....

    • Visa is going mobile and its new deal with Google may mean mobile payment methods are in our near future.
    • The iconic Paris skyline is about to change dramatically. City officials up-ended a ban on high-rising buildings and soon a 50-story glass pyramid will add to (or detract from) the cityscape.
    • Bathhouses have quickly become an integral part of Korean social life -- offering amenities such as hair salons, napping rooms and a place for neighbors to gather and chat.
    • China's space launch was clearly timed to round-out a summer replete with patriotic pride and also providing a distraction from its embarrassing tainted milk scandal.
    • Food for thought: What does $700 billion buy? How about all 32 NFL teams -- 27 times over? Or 2200 apple pies from McDonalds for everyone in America.
    • A man serving a 45-year term in prison discusses the power structure inside a maximum-security federal penitentiary and what effect threat and coercion have on an individual with no hope.