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    Jeff Koons' "Balloon Flower" is one of 17 exhibits the American artists has on display at the chateau de Versailles.

    You don't have to actually be smart to impress people -- you just have to fake it. Here's a daily list of must-read articles that will impress your co-workers, wow your friends and make you seem smart....

    • Kitsch wasn't exactly what Marie Antoinette had in mind for the Chateau de Versailles. Still, the contemporary works of American artist Jeff Koons -- which includes over-sized balloon-animal sculptures, aluminum red lobsters and glass-encased vacuum cleaners, to name a few  -- is on display at sprawling royal estate.
    • The chairman and chief executive of Lehman Bros tried to assuage shareholders' fears that the investment bank is not tanking. But with a 90-percent stock decline this years alone, some are more willing to buy into the fact that the numbers don't lie.
    • Learn, you will. Queens University Belfast is now offering a course in Jedi. The class -- dubbed "How to train in the Jedi way" will examine the teaching psychology of Star Wars Jedi knights and will tease out the social and political themes in the series.
    • United Airlines' share price dropped 76 percent Monday after a 6-year-old newspaper story about the company filing for bankruptcy was erroneously picked up by Google News. So who can the company sue?
    • A stellar explosion half-way across the universe has been documented as the brightest explosion of its kind -- but now scientists have picked up on another unusual aspect of the event that's never before been observed.