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Botox Treatment: Put it on Plastic

Credit card offers new wrinkle in rewards plan



    Botox Treatment: Put it on Plastic
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    Injecting your head with botulism can help you look fabulous, if you're into that sort of thing.

    If surgery is too much, there's another kind of plastic that can help you look younger: A credit card from Botox that gives you reward points good for  treatments.

    The Botox Cosmetic Benefits Card has the MasterCard logo in the bottom right corner and works like any credit card. But instead of piling up credits toward luggage or golf clubs, using this card lets you rack up points toward the wrinkle treatments, according to Newsweek.

    The card won't just allow users to freeze those wrinkle-causing facial muscles. Botox parent company Allergan also honors the credits for Juvederm, the injected filler that erases skin folds. New enrollees can get a $25 credit towarrd each future treatment.

    Botox can make you look younger, but you might not want to think too much about how it works. It's a form of botulism which, when injected into the muscles of the face, paralyzes or weakens the muscles that can make your face look like a wadded up sheet of wax paper. It works until the treatment wears off after a few months.

    In moderation, it may indeed make you look a younger. But go overboard, and you'll just look like you're being perpetually goosed.