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    Expectations for Sarah Palin's performance in tomorrow's debate have been significantly lowered and polls show that most voters believe Biden will take the cake Thursday . Today's buzz: Can Sarah hang on?

    • Kathleen Parker has been getting a lot of hate-mail since she penned a column asking Sarah Palin to step down and feels it doesn't bode well for our public discourse, she writes in WaPo.  Take-away: "The fierce reaction to my column has been both bracing and enlightening. ... I am viewed as a traitor to the Republican Party."
    • It's going to be hard for Palin to screw this one up given the low expectations, writes Cynthia Tucker in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Take-away: "If she manages to pronounce her own name without stumbling, pundits are likely to declare that she 'held her own' or 'looked vice presidential.'"
    • Not so fast -- it could be Biden in the hot seat Thursday, editorializes the WSJ. He may be forced to explain his significant ties to a firm that profits off asbestos cases and has donated cash to his son, the WSJ editorializes. Take-away: "The 'change' lawyers will believe in if Mr. Biden makes it to the White House is cold, hard cash."
    • McCain aides have asked debate organizers for fewer foreign policy questions than usual and continue to lower expectations for the debate, reports the Times of London, which includes excerpts of Palin's CBS interview under the header "Borderline Humor." Take-away:  "Privately, strategists said that at least expectations have been lowered for the debate."
    • Palin should not be underestimated and has exhibited a cutthroat style in past debates, writes Joel Millman in the WSJ. Take-away: "She was able to ... master the thrust-and-parry of jousting with her opponents and inquisitors and project confidence to an audience of television viewers watching from home."
    • Low expectations for Palin means all the pressure is on Biden, writes John Baer in the Philly Daily News. Take-away: "In other words, Palin does well if she doesn't upchuck on her shoes. In other words, because of the timing it's a rare VP debate that could impact the election."