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    When will the Palin bubble burst?

    When will the Palin bubble burst? Columnists have been buzzing all weekend about when the party with be over for Palin and what Republicans will have to do to keep the momentum going into November:

    Right now Sarah Palin is untouchable -- but her free ride has got to end sometime, writes Mike Lupica in the NY Daily News. Take-away: "Let's see what the narrative is for Gov. Palin in a month. What the view from Alaska is like then."

    Hillary Clinton worked hard to put those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling but she isn't going to let Sarah Palin reap the benefits, writes Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe. Clinton is taking it up a notch, appealing to her female base and going to bat for Obama. Take-away: "This election isn't about pant suits versus pencil skirts. It's about the differences between the Democrats and Republicans on issues that matter."

    NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd says trigger-happy McCain may have found a soul mate in the "new Napoleon in bunny boots," Sarah Palin, but she is clueless about foreign policy and no amount of moose-hunting is going to change that. Take-away: "Like W., Sarah has the power of positive unthinking."  

    McCain has made 22 deceptive statements since July compared to Obama's 12. What does it all mean? Slate tells us.

    Somebody call the wah-mbulance -- Republicans are playing the victim card to put off critics and it's getting old, writes Gregory Rodriguez in the LA Times. Take-away: "Whether it's complaining about lipstick on a pig or bashing Washington insiders, the media and those oh-so-condescending Hollywood celebrities, Republicans have turned their own kind of victimhood into a political art form."

    Feminists shouldn't be so harsh on Palin even if they disagree with her on the issues, writes Cathy Young in the Wall Street Journal. Take-away: "[W]hen the feminist establishment treats not only pro-life feminism but small-government, individualist feminism as heresy, it writes off multitudes of women."