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Nigeria Riots

300 reported killed in second day of post-election riots



    Nigeria Riots
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    The latest violence is the worst since Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua came to power in a vote that international observers dismissed as not credible.

    Mobs burned homes, churches and mosques in a second day of  violence across Jos, Nigeria on Saturday, with the town's top religious official at the main mosque saying the death toll has reached more than 300 people.

    Sheikh Khalid Abubakar says the bodies were brought to the Jos central mosque on Saturday for prayers before a quick burial in keeping with Islamic rites. Fifteen other people were reported dead Friday in rioting that broke out after the city's first round of balloting in more than a decade.

    Supporters of the region's two major parties clashed after the first local election in the town of Jos in more than a decade. But the violence expanded along ethnic and religious fault lines between Hausa Muslims and Christians.

    Angry mobs gathered after electoral workers failed to publicly post results, prompting fears of fraud.

    The violence has been the worst to hit Africa's most-populous nation in recent years.