“Virgin” Actor Charged With Attempted Murder

Girlfriend still in critical condition

Shelley Malil was charged with attempted murder today and is being held on $2 million bail after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend and the mother of his children approximately 20 times.

Best known for his role as an electronics store clerk in the Steven Carell film "The 40 Year Old Virgin," Malil's credits include roles on the sitcoms "Scrubs" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" as well as the drama "NYPD Blue." The actor surrendered himself to police and was arrested Tuesday.

The San Diego Sheriff's Dept. announced that the victim in the stabbing was Malil's former girlfriend Kendra Beebe, who is 35 years old and works for an insurance broker in Carlsbad, CA, according to WNBC.com.

Beebe was reportedly having dinner with a date Mondayday when Malil appeared and the actor and the date got into a scuffle, a neighbor told The San Diego Union-Tribune. After the male companion ran off, Malil allegedly began stabbing Beebe. A witness to the incident said that Malil was eerily calm given the situation. "

Following the attack, neighbors told the Union-Tribune that Malil calmly walked away from the scene. He was later arrested at an Amtrak station after he was urged to surrender by family members and his lawyer.

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