U.N. Demands Russians Pull Out of Georgia

Calls for both nations to withdraw troops

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AFP/Getty Images

The United Nations has formally called for Russian troops to withdraw from neighboring Georgia, a week after French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy, acting as head of the European Union, brokered a cease fire between the two countries.

The new thee-point resolution from the U.N. Security Council calls for " full and immediate compliance with the cease-fire agreement to which the parties have subscribed," demands that both nations pull their troops back to pre-conflict lines and advise that the U.N. will "remain actively seized of the matter.," reports Reuters.

Meanwhile, NATO has suspended formal contacts with Russia as punishment for the recent aggressions. The United States had called for much harsher penalties.

"The mountain gave birth to a mouse," said Dmitry Rogozin, Russian ambassador to NATO, in downplaying the situation.

Earlier today it had been reported that Russian troops had taken 20 Georgian soldiers hostage and that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had been handing out medals to members of his forces.

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