Swift Kids for Truth

Children featured in spoof political attack ads

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With the Presidential election just 3 months off and millions in campaign funds waiting to be spent, Americans are set to be swamped by a flood of campaign advertising, but it'll be hard to top the attack ads already produced by "Swift Kids for Truth." The spoof spots are a parody of typical smear-type political ads that tear down a political opponent rather than outline a candidate's policy issues. The name is a take-off of the name of a group––Swift Boat Veterans for Truth––that produced a series of ads challenging Sen. John Kerry's claim to heroics during the war in Vietnam. The "Swift Kids for Truth" ads take shots at both parties and all candidates, employing innocent-looking children to hurl outrageous accusations and insinuations at political figures. Topics hilariously include children discussing Barack Obama's cocaine use, Hillary Clinton's pant suits, John Edwards' air conditioner and manicure spending, Rudy Giuliani's affinity for talking about 9/11, and White House thieving. Only Sen. John McCain has gone unscathed at this point in time, although the Republican nominees exclusion from youthful slanderous attacks may be viewed as more damning than not.

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