Parents Who Starved Daughter to Death Suing City

Claim that Philadelphia officials should have prevented them from neglecting daughter

The parents of a girl with cerebral palsy who was starved to death and suffered from maggot-infested wounds are suing the City of Philadelphia for reckless actions that they claim allowed the girl to die. Prosecutors are outraged over the suit, which was filed even as Andrea Kelly is being charged with murder and Daniel Kelly, who did not live with his daughter, is being charged with reckless endangerment. Their 14-year-old daughter Danieal died of malnutrition and with infested bed sores. Two now-fired child welfare workers are also being charged in the girl's death. The Kellys' suit was filed to seek reimbursement for medical and funeral costs associated with the late teenager's death. The assistant district attorney prosecuting the Kellys, Ed McCann, called their suit an obscenity, according to MSNBC.

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