Obama Girls Say No to Paris and Britney

John McCain may want to consider apologizing to Malia, 10, and Sasha Obama, 7, for his ad comparing their father to a couple of panty-flashing pop tarts. It runs out the original Obama girls are “are very down on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.” According to presidential nominee Barack Obama, his daughters much prefer Hannah Montana to celebs like Hilton and Britney, whose celebrity is tied largely to their well-documented aversion to underwear. "Malia is the first one to change [the channel] if something suddenly comes on that she thinks is inappropriate," the Democratic candidate told Marie Claire. Of course, Hannah Montana’s real-life identity, Miley Cyrus, has had her own problems with racy photos. But Obama’s oldest took a philosophical view of the Vanity Fair scandal. She said, "Well, she seems like a good person. Her family seems to love her. Everybody makes mistakes, so I hope that people won't judge her for just this one picture." Hope no one tells Malia about the numerous other photos of Miley in various levels of undress that have been all over the Internet this year. In fact, so many have seen so much of Cyrus that the makers of LifeStyles Condoms offered the Disney star $1 million to be their spokesperson.

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