German Man Claims Kidnap ‘Crockefeller’ Suspect is His Brother

Clark Rockefeller's real identity exposed

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Fake blueblood Clark Rockefeller's true identity apparently has been revealed. A German man says the fake Rockefeller -- who is being held for allegedly kidnapping his daughter and investigated in connection to the disappearance of California couple -- is his long-lost brother. Alexander Gerhartsreite said his brother, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, left home as a teen and severed contact with his family 20 years ago. Alexander Gerhartsreiter, who lives in Upper Bavaria, said his older brother was born February 21, 1961, in Siegsdorf, Germany, and was raised until 1978 in the same house where his family still lives today. Gerhartsreiter said his brother moved to the United States as a student in Connecticut and never returned. Investigators have been trying to unravel the true identity and background of the man calling himself Clark Rockefeller since he allegedly snatched his 7-year-old daughter from a Boston street during a supervised visit July 27. He was caught Saturday in Baltimore where he had bought a home and boat. His daughter, known to family and friends as "Snooks," was found in good condition in Baltimore and has been reunited with her mother, Sandra Boss. Authorities said they have no record of Rockefeller before 1993, and he claims he has no memory of his life before then. He had refused to talk to investigators or reporters. But fingerprints do appear to be linking him in several places. Los Angeles detectives said a man named Christopher Chichester lived on the property of Jonathan and Linda Sohus, of San Marino, Calif., who have been missing since 1985. Police now believe Rockefeller's fingerprints match those on an old license application submitted by Chichester. They also believe Chichester was one of the aliases used by Christian Gerhart Streiter.

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