Hold That Glock

Fla. employers attempt to wriggle out of gun-to-work policy

NBC 7 San Diego

Disney and other Florida employers who oppose having their workers bring firearms onto company property are trying to wriggle out of the state's gun-to-work policy -- attempting to side-step a law that allows employees to bring guns onto company grounds just months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of supporting hand-gun rights.

But Disney was able to successfully maneuver around the law on Friday and now other hopefuls such as NBC Universal, the Jacksonville electric authority and a toilet paper plant are hoping to do the same despite heightened opposition from gun activists -- much of which was stoked by the June Supreme Court ruling.

Opponents have fired back at Disney and other companies fighting for exemption.

"When they're driving home at 2 a.m., Mickey Mouse isn't there to protect these people,"  the chief executive of the NRA told the Washington Post.

Florida is one of nine states that allows individuals with concealed weapons permits to keep guns in their cars while on company property. In one school district in Texas, guns are allowed on school grounds.

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