GOP Doesn't Tip, Dems Like Fruity Drinks

DC bartenders say pols bring party ideology to their drinking

With convention season fast upon us, now's a good time for mixologists in the Twin Cities and Denver to brush up on the crowds they'll soon be serving. A new survey of D.C. bartenders shows the two parties' habits offer no real surprises.

True to their contempt for anything even resembling a tax, republicans are lousy tippers, while democrats are more apt to order fruity -- pinko, if you will -- cocktails, according to a new survey commissioned by  Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc., <a href=""target="_blank">reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune</a>.

In keeping with their image as hedonists, democrats have better pick-up lines, 74 percent to 14 percent, and are more apt to stick around for last call, 53 percent to 46 percent.

Where the two parties meet is in their love of cheap booze, where republicans are only marginally more likely -- 50 percent to 48 percent -- to show up first for happy hour.

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