FedEx: Absolutely, Positively Stolen Firearms

Employees arrested for stealing guns in transit

South Korea Infidelity

Two Federal Express employees have been arrested for intercepting handguns being shipped using the courier. Patrick Dolan and John Sozomenou were arrested by federal law enforcement officers this week. The pair worked at FedEx's Eatontown, NJ, distribution facility and are being charged with stealing more than 100 handguns being shipped from Argentina to the states. Dolan is accused of swiping 146 handguns off of a conveyor belt at work and selling them in Jersey City out of the back of a white Ford Bronco. Dolan and Sozomenou admitted to selling the pistols for money and drugs. Jersey City police arrested the pair, but state charges were dismissed after federal gun-trafficking charges were filed. A UPS delivery man was arrested in 2007 for stealing guns destined for a Manhattan, NY gun range. In contrast to Fed Ex, UPS does not ship firearms internationally.

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