Crock-efeller Talks

"Clark Rockefeller" speaks for first time since arrest for kidnapping own kid

The man best known to the world as "Clark Rockefeller" has given his first interview since being arrested for kidnapping his own daughter.

"Are you a Rockefeller?" asked Natalie Morales of "The Today Show." [video]

"I really couldn't tell you. Perhaps at some point we can do a DNA test to really find out," he replied, with a slight shake of his head.

The interview can be seen in its entirety next Monday and Tuesday on "Today."

Rockefeller lost custody of his daughter Reigh during his 2007 divorce proceedings when he was unable to provide the court with proof of his identity. In July, during a visit with his little girl in the company of a social worker, Rockefeller and an accomplice shoveled the helpless child into a black SUV and sped off.

On Aug. 3 authorities found Rockefeller and his daughter living in an apartment in Baltimore and he was returned to Boston to face prosecution. With help from his brother, Alexander Gerhartsreiter, and fingerprints lifted from a decades-old immigration, police were able to determine that Rockefeller was in fact Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter.

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